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Icecrown (PvE)
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Welcome to Blood Covenant!

Blood Covenant is a newly formed guild. Yes, we know.. another guild sheesh.

We came up with the name as a result of all the things all of us have been through.

We are raiders. We all have an extensive history of raiding stemming back to the Launch of WoW in 2005.

Our members come from raiding guilds such as The Exiled on Rexxar and Farm Status of Rexxar. These two currently lead their servers Horde side. These are just a couple of examples. So we aren't new to raiding and we love to do the content.

We all ended up on Icecrown for whatever reason and now we want to Finish ICC and prepare for the dynamic Cataclysmic Event with the New Expansion.

We have been in some good guilds for socializing that refer to themselves as raiding guilds. The friendships were great. We miss our old guildies in that aspect but we want to move on to serious raiding and get this done. No more procrastinating.

If you are interested in a guild that is looking to progress and make a name for itself. Please feel free to register and fill out the app. We would love to do some serious raiding and move up in the ranks with our members!

We look forward to making some great Raiding memories!

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xendrak/drakmal, Aug 29, 10 9:55 PM.
If your applying to the guild can go to the general forums and fill out the small app i have there


xendrak/drakmal, Aug 28, 10 6:19 PM.
Welcome to the site havent messed with any thing yet really. will work on it more this week
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Anyone interested in Applying to Blood Covenant is encouraged to do so. Please understand all Applications will be considered however not all will be accepted.
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